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I’m a strong Democrat and I believe government should be a force of good to help people. If you want to get a sense of where I stand on the issues, take a look at my record from my terms in the Vermont House of Representatives: I’ve sponsored and passed laws to boost wages, increase funding for higher education, support an equitable K-12 education system, make housing affordable, protect voting rights, and secure Vermonters’ reproductive freedom. I’ve done this while partnering with other state officials, including Democrats, Republicans, Progressives and Independents, to stand up to the Trump agenda.

We live in a time of great polarization. It’s critically important we find ways to work together. As a State Senator, I will lead with my values and work to build consensus, finding areas of agreement so we can make progress for Vermont. Have questions? Get in touch: [email protected] 

Dylan speaks on the floor of the Vermont House.

Dylan’s Record of Results as a State Representative:

Boosting the Minimum Wage

Dylan knows too many Vermont workers put in a hard day’s work without being compensated with a livable wage. In 2019, he sponsored and pushed for legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Dylan worked with the House leadership team to ensure Vermonters got a raise over the objection of the Governor. He was part of the team responsible for overriding the veto, which passed by a 100-49 vote in February 2020. This act ensures Vermont’s lowest earners will receive a raise over the next two years. As a State Senator, Dylan will continue to push for laws that increase wages for Vermonters.

Increasing Access to College

Dylan thinks everyone should have a shot at an affordable public college education. In 2017, he helped author and later passed legislation to increase funding for the Vermont State Colleges System. The next year, as a member of the House Education Committee, he was a leader of an effort to fund free tuition for members of the Vermont National Guard. Together, these initiatives have significantly boosted Vermont’s investment in higher education, opening doors to Vermonters as they seek to build skills and their careers. As a State Senator, Dylan will prioritize investments in post-secondary education, with a focus on making community college available to all Vermont residents.

Supporting a Strong Education

Dylan sees education as the essential ingredient to help Vermonters build skills for a successful future. As a member of the House Education Committee, he has urged support for our educators as they nurture opportunities for students. He has also pressed for reforms to ensure all students can shape and see themselves in their education. In 2019, he worked collaboratively with a group of lawmakers to introduce the Ethnic and Social Equity Studies bill, which Rep. Kiah Morris and a coalition of Vermonters had previously developed to ensure the voices of marginalized communities become part of our school curriculum. Dylan had the honor of navigating the bill through the Education Committee and presenting it on the floor of the House, where it passed. Thanks to the efforts of the Vermont Coalition for Ethnic and Social Equity Studies in Schools, the bill was the first law (Act 1) signed into law during the 2019-2020 legislative biennium.

Making Housing Affordable

Dylan wants every Vermonter to be able to access housing at a price they can afford. He sponsored 2017 legislation that led to the largest single investment Vermont has ever made in housing. The Housing for All Revenue Bond is in the process of creating housing for 750 Vermont families. This investment has leveraged dollars at a 4:1 ratio, resulting in more than $150 million in additional resources for housing development. As a State Senator, Dylan will continue to make housing a priority.

Standing up to the Trump Agenda

Dylan believes in fair elections and has opposed President Trump’s efforts to curtail voting rights. He was the lead author of a 2018 bill to protect Vermont from efforts to profile voters led by the President Election Integrity Commission. Dylan worked with Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos to pass the bill into law and ensure sensitive personal voting information kept on the Vermont voter checklist is protected from future initiatives to restrict access to the ballot box. As a State Senator, Dylan will continue to support fair and open elections so everyone has a voice in our political process.

Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Dylan supports freedom of reproductive choice. In 2019, he sponsored legislation that codified Vermont’s 46 year old abortion practice into state statute to ensure the practices established nationally by Roe v. Wade are protected in Vermont. Since President Trump’s election, countless restrictions to abortion have passed state legislatures around the country. As a State Senator, Dylan will support reproductive health freedom for all Vermonters.