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Dylan Giambatista today marked the start of his campaign for Chittenden State Senate by releasing two original songs and a music video to increase awareness about Vermont’s August 11 Primary Election. Chittenden County voters can request a free copy of the songs pressed on a limited edition 7” vinyl record, which the candidate will personally deliver.

“I am running for State Senate to bring the voices of our neighbors to the State House — music is one important way we can connect during this challenging time,” said Giambatista. “When I announced my candidacy in January, the first call I made wasn’t to a big dollar donor or powerful politico. It was to my former Rough Francis bandmate, Urian Hackney. The goal: write original songs and make a record about running for office. We hit the studio and produced two songs later that week. I’m releasing them to spread the word about the importance of running for office and voting in the 2020 elections.”

The 2-term Democratic State Representative, and longtime Vermont musician, launched the songs on a page on his website, In addition to providing free streams to listen to the record, the candidate created an original music video for the Side A single, “Run For It.” Both songs will soon be distributed on iTunes, Spotify, and other popular streaming services.

“As the first act of this campaign, we’re giving away 300 copies of the record to neighbors around Chittenden County,” announced Giambatista. “Each record is a different limited edition color. Visit to give the songs a listen, watch the music video, and request your record. I’ll mask up and deliver you your music. And, if you want to sport a yard sign to support my candidacy this summer, I’ll bring you one of those too!”

Giambatista, 34, has spent the last seven years advocating for working people in state government and as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives. Growing up in Vermont, Dylan became an active, self-taught musician. As a young learner, he struggled in school and eventually dropped out after his sophomore year. Dylan rediscovered his passion for learning at the Community College of Vermont, where he attended classes in Rutland, Montpelier, Burlington, and Winooski. During this time, he played with numerous bands and was a founding member of the Burlington rock band, Rough Francis.  After completing his A.A. in 2010, Dylan transferred to Johnson State College and completed his B.A. in 2013. He embarked on a career in public service and was elected to the Chittenden 8-2 House district in 2016.

Giambatista acknowledged the weight that many Vermonters are feeling this spring: “The 2020 elections will be unlike any that have come before. Coronavirus has devastated Vermont. Folks are hurting, and social distancing makes connecting with neighbors challenging. Music is one small way to share joy and hope during this difficult time. I’m extending an open invitation to all voters to get in touch. You can reach me any time at [email protected]. Until then, I hope to see you on the virtual campaign trail!”