Fri 15 Jun' 18

The Problem with a Special Session Stand Off

Yesterday, on June 14, the Governor vetoed the “special session” budget bill (H.13) that was passed by the legislature. The Governor’s action confirms that we are stuck in a stand off over how to use one-time money that is available. The Administration has asked the legislature to use one-time money to buy down average homestead […]

Sat 2 Jun' 18

Special Session Update — June 1

The House returned for Day 3 of the special session on June 3, 2018. The major topic of discussion and debate was H.13, the State budget bill. For an update of the events leading to the deliberation, see my May 30 update here. H.13 was modified slightly from the budget bill (H.924) that passed in […]

Wed 30 May' 18

Special Session Update — May 30

A special legislative session was convened last week upon the request of the Governor. In requesting the special session, the Governor signaled he would veto the budget and education finance bill, citing a failure to use one-time money to buy down property tax rates. The House met for a brief session on the 23rd. Because […]

Fri 18 May' 18

Editorial: Putting Issues Ahead of Politics

As the final weeks of the 2018 session played out, I grew increasingly alarmed at some of the negative tone that was being displayed by some elected officials, their staff, and other individuals who take part in the legislative process. It’s okay to disagree. It’s also alright, and fairly common, to use satire in political […]

Mon 14 May' 18

House Adjourns 2018 Session

The House adjourned the 2018 legislative session shortly before midnight on Saturday, May 12. The last weeks of the session are the time when legislators spend late nights on the floor as final bills are debated. A number of policies pass, but the only pieces of legislation that *must* pass is a budget and a […]