Week 3 Voting Record of the 2018 Session

Tuesday, January 16 — View full Journal

  • H.593 – An act relating to miscellaneous consumer protection provisions
    • A version of this bill passed the House in 2017. Ultimately, however, the bill did not make it across the finish line, leading to it being reconsidered by the House Commerce Committee in 2018. The bill addresses four major areas: 1.  Automatic Renewal of Consumer Contracts: requires that clear and unambiguous notice be given to consumers within 30-60 days of an automatic renewal of a contract (think phone plans, magazine subscriptions) and give them an opt out 2.  Retainage of Payment for Construction Materials: requires that material suppliers, such as lumber yards, NOT be subject to contract retainage provided that the materials are accepted by the contractor and are held to an industry standard. 3.  Credit Protection for Vulnerable Persons: enables protected consumers and/or their legal representatives to put security freezes on their credit file with credit reporting agencies to protect their identity and financial condition. 4.  Use of Credit Information for Personal Insurance: prohibits insurance companies from setting insurance rates based solely on a consumer’s credit score. I voted yes to support this package of measures to protect consumers. The bill passed by a unanimous voice vote.

Wednesday, January 17 — View full Journal

  • H.554 – An act relating to the regulation of dams
    • This bill to regulate how dams are sited and reviewed was unanimously approved by the Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Committee. I supported this bill, which passed by a mixed voice voter.

Thursday, January 18 — View full Journal

  • H.554 – An act relating to the regulation of dams
    • This bill, which first passed on January 17, was amended with a technical amendment prior to passage. I voted yes to pass the bill through 3rd (final) reading, which passed by a mixed voice vote.
  • H.633 – An act relating to fiscal year 2018 budget adjustments
    • The annual budget adjustment bill comes before the House each January. Vermont operates a state fiscal year from July 1 through June 30. In keeping with this schedule, one of the the General Assembly’s first acts is to take up a budget adjustment, which balances expenditures with revenues. This year’s budget adjustment made several adjustments to keep things in line. The proposal keeps with last year’s progress to balance the budget without reliance on one-time funds, and made targeted investments that will support families, communities, and a healthy economy. As such, I voted yes to support the bill, which passed on a vote of 142-1.

Friday, January 19 — View full Journal

  • H.633 – An act relating to fiscal year 2018 budget adjustments
    • I voted yes. This bill passed third (final) and final passage.