Learning to Code with Students

Today I spent the morning with a group of Vermont students who have been learning about coding and technology in the classroom and through after school programming. The forum was hosted by the Vermont Agency of Education as part of a national initiative that celebrates coding education, “The Hour of Code.”

What made today’s coding event so compelling was the student testimony that came with it. These students were excited to combine technology, mathematics and critical thinking to solve problems.

In the Education Committee, we frequently hear about the value of technology in 21st century classrooms. Student’s visited our committee during the 2017 legislative session and confirmed the importance of coding in the classroom. As a non-traditional learner, I was delighted to learn how different types of learners are putting their skills to the test to manipulate technology. Seeing 2017 coding up close was inspiring.

The outcomes can be remarkable. I spoke with one middle school student who was developing code to solve physics equations in a realtime environment. Not only did the student develop the code and design it to be fully adaptable, but he also developed an animated environment in which the equations played out. The final product was an impressive combination of art, mathematics, critical thinking, and tech wizardry.

What’s even more encouraging are the many opportunities that are available to students who pursue and master technology.┬áTake a look at the video below to learn more.