Adjournment is in Sight

Last week, the Speaker of the House announced a goal to adjourn the 2017 legislative session on or around May 6. Many legislators remain optimistic we will conclude our work ahead of schedule. To do so, both chambers will need to resolve any lingering disagreements on key bills.

Technically speaking, the only “must-pass” bill is the State’s annual budget. The House first passed the budget in late March. It has since traveled to the Senate, where the chamber’s Appropriations Committee has made several amendments. In order to adjourn on time, the Senate will need to pass their version of the budget by the end of next week, April 28.

There are a number of other proposals I am hopeful will advance this year. Chief amongst these is a suite of economic development initiatives under consideration in the House. One omnibus bill contains a number of proposals to spur economic activity. The bill is currently in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. With many committee stops expected before final passage, I have urged my colleagues to do all that they can to advance a package that makes investments in workforce development, housing, and measures to support retirement security for all Vermont workers.

There are many other bills under consideration in Montpelier. Please be in touch if you have any comments, questions, or concerns that you’d like to address. I’m always available at or (802) 734-8841.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has come out to our monthly community meetings. Rep. Houghton and I rely on your ideas and feedback. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from neighbors at our forums. Please watch for updates about future meetings.